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This summer my cat escaped out the front door of my home as I was carrying groceries inside, and the little rascal happily fled into some thick bushes behind my home. She refused to be captured and spent the better half of the day exploring the outside world of our neighborhood. When we finally got her in the house we later discovered she had carried in some unwanted pests….fleas.

I called my vet and they gave me some advice as well as the flea treatment to put on her back. I then went to my local hardware store and bought an arsenal of products, determined to take care of this problem myself. After the bug bombing, sprays of all kinds and a few home remedies that I got from the internet, I still had a flea problem. Finally, I gave into the fact that I need professional help. I called a number of companies and researched their website, and decided on Advanced Pest Solutions. I liked that they did not have contracts, their prices were reasonable and the office staff were knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. The technician showed up on time and impressed me by putting on shoe booties before walking on my carpets. He then let us know exactly what to expect after the service. Happy my home is now flea-free.
I felt that I needed to write this review not only because I wanted to express my appreciation for this fantastic company for solving my flea problem, but also to save others like me from making the costly mistake of trying to tackle a flea problem on their own. Save yourself the frustration and hire Advanced Pest Solutions….you’ll be glad that you did.

- A happy customer

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Back in 2010, I was having a roach problem in the kitchen of my house. I hired a big-name company, signed a year-long contract and felt that my home was in good hands and not to worry because this embarrassing problem would soon be a distant memory. Well, one year later and $800.00 poorer, the problem was not only still there, but now the roaches had spread throughout my home. Finally tired of all the excuses for why I still have the problem with these disgusting insects… I fired them. I had heard about Advanced Pest Solutions from a very good friend and decided to call them. I spoke with a very pleasant lady at their office and she asked if the owner of the company could come over to give me a free inspection of my home. The owner, Tim Sullivan, was very professional and answered my many concerns about this nightmare of a problem. He informed me that his company did not have a contract to sign, and that he believed my roach problem could be solved in only one service. Really…..One Service…hum. I, then, was given a very, easy- to-follow preparation sheet and was told to call his office to schedule my service when I could have everything on the checklist done. The service was scheduled for a Monday morning and I was told what to expect after the service was done. That it may take up to 30 days before I would see my last roach. I had been waiting for a year, so what was 30 days, right? Sure enough, my problem was GONE within a week, not 30 days. Unbelievable!! I would recommend Advance Pest Solutions to anyone that is having an insect problem.
- by Jane

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I have been a customer of Advanced Pest Solutions since 2006 and have been very satisfied. The staff is dependable, friendly, and flexible if I need to change my appointment time. I feel they do a very thorough job, inside and out. If you are looking for a reliable company to handle pest control, I would definitely recommend Advanced Pest Solutions.

- A Happy Customer

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I had a problem with German roaches & mice at my income property. I hired a pest control company for one full year, the problem was not taken care of. I contacted Advanced Pest Solutions for treatment. After 2 visits the problem was taken care of. If you have any PEST problems call Advanced Pest Solutions at 563-332-0240. They will solve any of your problems.

- by Tom Fennelly
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